friday night cocktails at the white horse, romsey

As you know, I love discovering new places, and I actually can’t believe it’s taken me as long as it has to discover The White Horse. This lovely little boutique style hotel in the heart of Romsey has a certain kind of charm about it. It’s a great place to stop for a coffee when having a potter about on a Saturday afternoon, and just as good for a Friday night cocktail! As well as the modern clean lines of the restaurant, you’re greeted with heaps of rustic furniture, and the most amazing wallpaper! It probably shouldn’t work, but it totally does. I’m just a little bit in love with the place!

The cocktails there are great…they have a really extensive menu, and each week have specials, so even after you’ve worked your way through the whole list (over time, not in one sitting!!) there are still new ones to try! I like that they do cocktails that are a bit out of the norm…they still have the old favourites, but add in a few ones you’ve probably never heard of before too.

While I’ve not yet eaten in the restaurant myself, reviews tell me it is divine, and it’s definitely on my must do! And a lot of my friends keep posting pictures of their afternoon tea on Facebook…looks very good!!

I went on a Friday night back in the warm summer days, and sat outside in on the terrace, soaking up the last of the evening sunshine, and enjoying the jazz musician that was playing. I love the outside area…it all feels bit New England, with the white slatted walls, and the fairy lights twinkling as the sun goes down.

I get a real holiday feeling being there. It’s all quite relaxed, and chilled out, and it’s quite nice to go out for a cocktail or two without having to go into the hustle and bustle of town.

And the best thing of all…the first Friday of every month is 2 for 1 on their special cocktails between 7-8pm. My top tip would be to book a table…even if there are just two of you, as it gets very busy.

Karen xx